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Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader™

It has never been easier to determine trend, and buy bottoms & sell tops...
ProfitTrader™, a cycle analysis software program based on the cycle analysis and the trading methodology developed by Walter Bressert, shows trend direction, anticipates cycle turning points, and identifies market cycle tops and bottoms as they occur with mechanical buy and sell signals. Initially developed for futures trading, the Profit Trader™ cycle-based trading program is as timely and accurate in FOREX trading and stock trading as it is in futures trading.

ProfitTrader will improve your market  timing and lower your risk exposure. It will change the way you trade. Profit Trader™ users are able to  --

  • Buy bottoms and sell tops with low dollar risk.
  • Generate high probability Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals.
  • Identify high probability overbought/oversold time periods.
  • Forecast future market cycle tops and bottoms with 70-90% Accuracy.
  • Easy-to-use Point 'n Click indicators.
  • Tight Trailing Stops lock in profits and keep you in the markets for the big moves.
  • Market Timing Indicators give you a 70-90% probability timing edge.
  • Forecast future cycle tops and bottoms with the TB FORECASTER. You will be able to identify the exact date/time expectation for probable future cycle highs and lows.
  • The Bressert BLine and 5 and 10 Bressert Double Stochastic oscillators confirm cycle tops and bottoms.
  • Dynamic Trend Indicator gives you the trading trend for any market cycle time frame.
  • Forecast market cycle and Fibonnaci mid-cycle pause time and price objectives and retracements.

Now, ProfitTrader is claiming many of these incredible benefits from the software. However, the first step will always be our initial investment. TheProfitTrader works in any time frame, any market from the smaller intraday cycle to the longer-term seasonal and yearly cycle, the monthly cycle, the primary weekly cycle and daily cycle. ProfitTrader is a TradeStation, and Equis/MetaStock plug-in.

We would also advise all users of our products to get a good basic background knowledge of both investment and foreign investment. The are literally thousands of study on this but for the complete newbie check out Stock Trading and download aktien apps for Foreign Trading.



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