OnLine Cycle Analyst's Seminar


... to forecast future tops and bottoms and improve performance of mechanical trading signals. Active markets will be analyzed with cycles, timing bands and other technical trading tools.

Please note that the following examples do not show Walter's NEW Point 'n Click Timing Bands that are included in the ProfitTrader 6.0 software package.

Audio Commentary
An RealPlayer audio file is attached to each of the following pages. A RealPlayer is required to hear the audio commentary. You can download the RealPlayer for FREE (a new window will open; close it to return to this page). Or if you prefer, just read the written commentary that appears under the charts (although there is much more information in the audio than in the text).

To Begin
To begin, click on the Lesson link that appears below. If you want to bypass the lesson and go directly to the markets, click on the appropriate link. Please note that the market analysis was done on 12/20/99 and reflected Walter's opinion at that time. The purpose of including the market analysis with the lesson is to show how Walter combines technical and cyclical analysis with the indicators to trade and forecast the markets.

Lesson: Timing Bands