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If you do not know your TradeStation Customer ID number, bring up TradeStation (you can bring up TradeStation Offline) and click on Help, then click on About TradeStation 8.3. A "About TradeStation 8.2" window will appear. Near the bottom will be Licensed To: Customer Number: xxxxxx THIS IS THE CUSTOMER ID that is required. We do not requrie the Network ID.
WE DO NOT SUPPORT CUSTOMER NUMBER = 1 Customer numbers have 4 to 9 digits.

TradeStation Version and build number (ex. 8.3 b1315):

On the 2nd line of the "About TradeStation 8.3" window reads Version: 8.3(Build xxxx) This build number.


After you click on Submit Purchase Information above you will go to another screen to pick the type of product you want.

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