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Special Reports
  • Money Management
  • 12 Cardinal Mistakes of Trading
  • Time Fractals
  • Cycle Trading Approach Made Simple
Market Reports
The following reports were published on the date specified, and do not necessarily reflect Walter's long-term outlook at this time. The purpose of including them here is to show the analytical process.
  • "Stock Market Report", originally published in 1982 and updated from time-to-time.
  • "CRB Index", Published on 6/3/98
  • "Euro", Published on 3/12/99
  • "Forex", Published 1/99
FREE OnLine Cycle Analyst's Seminar
Formerly published to our website as an online trading strategy seminar and available only to subscribers, the following sessions have recently been made available in response to the often asked question -- "How do I put it all together". Each session contains a lesson, which is the focus of the in-depth market analysis in the markets Walter was watching at the time of publication. Audio files are attached to each page with commentary on the chart illustrations.
  • Trend and Price Swings
  • Walter's New Timing Bands
  • Bressert Double Stochastic
  • EMA Trend Indicator
  • Keltner Bands
  • Mid-Cycle Pause Price Objective
  • Fibonnaci Retracements
  • Cycle Identification

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