"I have known and followed Walt's work for over a decade. It is a practical approach to trading that you don't get from many of the so-called 'gurus' out there. In 1997, I took one of his workshops which helped me to tune-up my short-term approach and integrate much of what he taught into my own analysis and trading approach." -- Robert Miner, Dynamic Trader

"Walter Bressert is one of the best teachers and traders I have ever come across." --T.S.

"Your stuff really works... I have studied with everybody, and your cycles and technical approach finally put the markets into perspective for me." -- M.M.

"The best! Has kept me out of losing trades and put me in winning trades" -- W.M.

"I am interested in anything Walter is doing... I think he is one of the most experienced traders around and I have always been fascinated by his work. Thanks again. --H. E.

"Walter's double stochastic indicator looks great... It catches the trend early and gives very reliable buy and sell signals." -- J.C.

"It is a real privilege to have the ability to see how someone of Walter's calibre is looking at trades setting up. I am particularly interested in the application of Walter's latest work to cycles in the S&P; index and individual stocks." -- I.A.

"The information your organization has to offer is priceless. Especially for a novice, such as myself, that is 'STILL TRYING TO GET IT'. Thank you all very much." --T.S.