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Walter Bressert Futures OnLine Using Cycle Trading Patterns to Buy Bottoms & Sell Tops in the Direction of Trend and at Trend Reversals

Audio Commentary
An audio file attached to each page. A RealAudio Player is required to hear the audio commentary. If you do not have RealAudio, you can download it for FREE from the RealAudio link below. Or if you prefer, just read the written commentary that appears under the charts (although there is much more information in the audio than in the text).

Lesson Topic: Click on Cycle ID to continue.



To listen to the audio commentary of the seminar, the Real Audio RealPlayer G2 is necessary. You can download the RealPlayer G2 for FREE at www.realaudio.com. Make sure you have the system requirements to run the Real Audio Player. A more powerful version that includes support is also available for $29.95.

Trouble Shooting (after the Player has been installed)
Player doesn't download when you click on "Audio" - This can be a problem with our server, your connection to the internet, your computer, or any combination of the above. You can shut down, and try again; or, wait 15 minutes and try again. We have noticed that sometimes everything works perfectly, and on other occasions, it works in slow motion.

"Garbled" talk - Because this is not a "perfect" technology, you may experience garbled "talk" from time to time. Luckily, this is usually easy to fix. Simply hit "pause", and then "play". This usually works. If not, shut down and try again. If this doesn't work, go the RealAudio support page for help.

It looks like it is playing, but I don't get sound - Check to see if your speaker volume is turned up. Are your speakers plugged in?

All the charts don't load - Our solution to this is simply to shut down and try again.

"The sound is intermittent -- on and off -- and I get cut off after a minute or so." - Sometimes with this problem, you will also get a "net congestion" message. The problem is your ISP does not have enough bandwidth. Again, there is a simple solution. Switch ISPs. PC magazine recommends AT&T Worldnet's performance (800/967-5363) as "outstanding". IBM (800/821-4612) is also rated as "outstanding". IBM, however, does not offer unlimited access whereas AT&T does.

Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulty -- what you did; what happened.

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