"ProfitTrader is by far the best package of tools that I have bought.
It is amazingly accurate for low risk entries." -- S.C., Nevada

"Your stuff really works... I have studied with everybody, and your cycles and technical approach
finally put the markets into perspective for me." -- M.M., New York

"It was a great experience today! I was pretty nervous at the beginning of the day (because I haven't done it for so long) but just listening to Walter's comments quickly got me out of being all shaky. It was one of those bad trading days and he still managed to milk it so well. It just amazes me. I ended up with 16.75 points! Well, I really like the style -especially not looking back at trades that are over, because that makes me more focused and also the constant reviewing and updating - when I did it myself I usually lost the picture in the second half of the day." -- S.G.

"I have known and followed Walt's work for over a decade. It is a practical approach to trading that you don't get from many of the so-called 'gurus' out there. In 1997, I took one of his workshops which helped me to tune-up my short-term approach and integrate much of what he taught into my own analysis and trading approach." -- Robert Miner, Dynamic Trader

"Walter's daily MarketWatch service has made a definite improvement in my trading.
I have a better handle on the 'big picture' for where the market is headed...
It's like having a personal trading coach in my office. Excellent service." -- A.M.