Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader™
It has never been easier to determine trend, and buy bottoms & sell tops...
ProfitTrader™, developed by Walter Bressert, shows trend direction, and identifies cycle tops and bottoms as they occur with mechanical buy and sell signals. Developed for the futures markets, ProfitTrader™ is as timely and accurate in currencies and stocks as it is in futures.

  • Buys bottoms and sell tops with low dollar risk.
  • Generates high probability Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals.
  • Identifies high probability cycle OB/OS time periods.
  • Forecasts future tops and bottoms with 70-90% Accuracy.
  • Easy-to-use Point 'n Click indicators.
  • Tight Trailing Stops lock in profits and keep you in the markets for the big moves.
  • TB FORECASTER plots the Timing Bands and text to forecast the dates/times for the Timing Bands. You will know the exact date/time expectation for the next cycle high, and the next cycle low.
  • Dynamic Trend Indicator shows you the trading trend for any time frame.
  • Forecasts cycle and Fibonnaci time and price objectives and retracements.

NEW in ProfitTrader 7.0 Release

  • Shows historical cycle tops and bottoms on price and oscillators so you can verify accuracy of oscillator trading signals.
  • Shows multiple Trading Signals to identify the most significant cycle bottoms and tops.
  • Trading Signals that trade only in direction of trend to keep you from trading against the trend.
  • Gap information helps you determine high probability trades after the opening gap.
  • Double tops & bottoms show on chart as they occur and generates a high probability price objective to lock in a profit.
ProfitTrader is powered by the TradeStation charting software products. This includes both the TradeStation version 8.3 and TS2000i platforms.
Not a system, ProfitTrader is an applied methodology to buy bottoms & sell tops, determine trend and trend reversals that works in any market, any time frame.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: A 30-day money back guarantee applies to ProfitTrader first-time orders. If at the end of 30 days you decide ProfitTrader cannot help you make money, and you wish to cancel, your purchase price will be refunded minus a 10% refund fee to cover our merchant account discount rate.
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