What Others Say
The following testimonials have been collected over the years. They are from traders expressing their appreciation for the difference Walter's work made in their trading. Some refer to ProfitTrader™; others, his advisory services and seminars. They speak for themselves... and for those of you who took the time to write these wonderful comments, we thank you!

"I have had ProfitTrader  since April 2003 and have found it to be an excellent add-on to metastock. I believe it is far superior to any of the other add-ons or plug-ins they have to offer." -- D.B., Waterloo, OH

"I really never mention these matters, but I'd like you to know how much I appreciate Walter's work.  While I most often make decisions to buy on the basis of fundamentals, I very rarely make decisions to sell on anything other than technicals (excluding the obvious).  I use 7 indicators to make sell decisions, each one to confirm the other.  ProfitTrader is usually the final arbitrator.  Over the last 24 months, 41 sells have been made.  All but 3 have been positively confirmed by ProfitTrader." -- R.C., Ottawa, ON

"I live in St. Louis , MO. I am trading stocks, futures and forex with Metastock and ProfitTrader. I started out trading futures as a long-term trend follower with very little capital 15 years ago. While I was able to capture some longer trends, the constant losses from false breakouts were very frustrating. Since 2003 I am trading with PT, and Walt’s work means an invaluable help to me. Since 2003 Walt has answered my questions personally by e-mail, and I am keeping them as a treasured possession. Cycle analysis was Walt’s life work, and he has helped many traders by sharing his experience. I am greatly indebted to Walt for what I have learned from him." -- P. D., St. Louis MO

"I have been doing very well with Profitrader since I began using it 6 months ago or so. It has made me look at trading in a different way. Profitrader allows me to be patient and wait for my setups, before I would "jump the gun" and get stopped out. My win % is much higher now.. Profitrader has changed my trading life. You guys are professional, helpful and have a methodology that is the best I've seen. It is a pleasure to do business with all of you. I can't thank Walter enough." -- K. C., Las Vegas NV

"I recently returned from my second Dick Diamond seminar, and I'm becoming more proficient with using ProfitTrader.  Walter is truly a genius!"-- M. W., Potomac MD

"With Walter's accuracy and your customer service, we cannot have a better combination anywhere. I am so glad I subscribed to your excellent service. Please let Walter know that he is my hero!!" -- P.W.

"I found Walter to be among the best analysts  I've subscribed to." -- G.L.

“I have just ordered the PT 6.O upgrade... I love the indicators and rely on them along with other methods I use, and I appreciate very much the effort that Walter puts into his instruction and the audio. I know how time consuming this must be and I want to thank you all for your dedicated efforts. If a trader can't make serious money with Walter's methods, he should not be day trading S&Ps” – C.L.

"... I've been working at trading the S&P for two and a half years now and still think that Walter's methods are the most important and the best. None of it is easy, it takes concentration and discipline. But I like your methodology by far the best. It works. Thanks for all your time and trouble in putting out this service each day. Much Appreciated." --R.B.

"Walter's service has made a definite improvement in my trading. I have a better handle on the 'big picture' for where the market is headed... It's like having a personal trading coach in my office. Excellent service." -- A.M.

"I have known and followed Walt's work for over a decade. It is a practical approach to trading that you don't get from many of the so-called 'gurus' out there. In 1997, I took one of his workshops which helped me to tune-up my short-term approach and integrate much of what he taught into my own analysis and trading approach." -- Robert Miner, Dynamic Trader

"Walter Bressert is one of the best teachers and traders I have ever come across." --T.S.

"Your stuff really works... I have studied with everybody, and your cycles and technical approach finally put the markets into perspective for me." -- M.M.

"The best! Has kept me out of losing trades and put me in winning trades" -- W.M.

"I have been using Walter's Dbl Stochastic5 indicator for several years now. It is by far my favorite indicator of any indicator I have ever used. Thank you very much for contributing to my trading success." -- H.W., MN

"It is a real privilege to have the ability to see how someone of Walter's caliber is looking at trades setting up. I am particularly interested in the application of Walter's latest work to cycles in the S&P index and individual stocks." -- I.A.

"The information your organization has to offer is priceless. Especially for a novice, such as myself, that is 'STILL TRYING TO GET IT'. Thank you all very much." --T.S.

"Last year I bought your Profit Trader package and later the T123 Fibs and your indicators are the most valuable I have." -- S.O., Germany

"Walter's work is profound and simply astounding in it's forecasting." -- K.E.D., MO

"Profit Trader is the best set of indicators I have ever used. Thanks" -- S.W., LA

"The cycle software really works!. The Timing Bands are amazingly accurate for catching tops and bottoms." --M.W.

"I am still using your great indicators (for 8 years) and love them." -- P.T.

"Walter's software and cycle approach is the best but I'm sure you're aware of that. I was fortunate to have discovered Walter shortly after I started trading. Of course I had to look around and see what everyone else was using, but nothing comes close." R.B.

"I have been using ProfitTrader for the past month and it has changed the way I look at the market... Thanks for a wonderful program." -- K.H.

"I'm up a bundle of $$$ this morning in spite of a go-nowhere market. I remember many months ago when I ordered PT you said, 'It really works.'You were right. That hubby of yours is a smart feller and I'm a lucky beneficiary of his hard work." -- D.F., TX

"Profit Trader 6.0 is without a doubt the best methodology for daytrading that I have ever seen. It is just AWESOME!!!!! ...Thanks for all your hard work!!" -- J.V.

"By far the best package of tools that I have bought... amazingly accurate for low risk entries... -- S.C., NV

"Dramatically improves one's trading." -- M.M., NY

"Has done wonders for my trading. It's great to be making money rather than 'trying systems" -- J.R., NM

"ProfitTrader is the only one of many programs that I have bought that fulfills all of the claims of the sales brochure." --B.U., LA

"I have studied with all the big guys, and their stuff is good, but the truth of the matter is Walter's stuff works in the real world. I made 12 to 15 points in the S&P yesterday, and I was telling myself that it can't be this easy... Walter's stuff is unbelieveable." -- M.M.

"The content of the program is excellent!... I can't imagine how anyone can consistently trade the S&P without understanding the material you teach (cycles)." -- T.K.

"Thanks to Walter's tools I rarely take a loss now, and when I do it's relatively small." -- D.F.

"Thanks for the great seminar. I learned a lot and thought that the workshop was of great value. Today I was amazed when the cycles all came together at the lows this afternoon allowing me to make a terrific trade and have the confidence to hold part of the position overnight for a large winner. It was great to be able to participate in that, and have the confidence to act on it." D.T.

"I have been taking courses to trade for years, and I learned more in your course in a week than in all of those other courses combined." --A.F.

"If I had found this 5 years ago, I would be a lot richer. This is the best I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen my share. I have been at this for a long time." --B.L.

"I purchased your software and video package over a month ago and have spent every moment possible absorbing the information on the videos, the manual, and the web site. If I might take a moment to acknowledge you -- It is obvious to me Walter that your heart is really in this work. I am so very impressed with your dedication and committment to the education of your "students". It is clearly evident in the thorough and complete manner in which you present your ideas and commentary. So thank you!" --C.G.

"Today I entered the second trade in 4 days, 2 contracts puts on the qqq. from the 54 high to the 54 low. exited at the end of the day. It's not the money but how can one describe the exhilarating feeling to be right and see the different cycles work in unison in real time and know ahead of time where it's going? ' I am a "very intelligent bordering genius type of person", degree in biochemistry, computer maker, furniture maker... and yet I am mind-blown. I stand in awe at the correctness of the theory and how precise, But much, much more than that, I am in awe, of you guys, of why so humbly you decided to share your secret and fruits of your endeavors with others, me included". --Your student S.P.

"It really changes how you look at the markets. It's a very simple strategy in a complex game. As long as you understand the strategy, you"ll do very well... Takes a lot of the guesswork out of the game." -- G.P.

"Helps me stay with the trend.... goes to the very essence of the market... won't be outdated because it addresses the issues that drive the market...I would recommend this program highly to anyone who trades." -- D.M.

"I have never seen anything like this... My broker couldn't believe it. I bought near the bottom and got out near the top... It picks the bottoms in a Bull Market... It is great!" -- D.R.

“Thanks to Walter for a great seminar.The more I work with Walter's methods the more I see how powerful they are." -- R.B.,

"I am fully convinced that the markets are made up of smaller cycles within larger cycles, and I am absolutely impressed by the competency of Mr. Walter Bressert in interpreting the current market position and his forecast for the market direction. He is so accurate in the forecast. Mr. Walter Bressert is no doubt a master of cycle analysis... Millions thanks to Mr. Walter Bressert in developing the powerful ProfitTrader and now we are able to see clearly when and how the complex cycles within cycles evolve and interact with one another." --K.A.N.