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Update to the 9/10/01 Stock Market Report

What's New in ProfitTrader 7.0 Release

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Walter Bressert's Single Stock and Index Futures Seminar
Orlando FL - February 16 and 17, 2002.
This Single Stock Futures and Index Seminar will present ProfitTrader technical analysis and cycle information to forecast and trade tops, bottoms and trend, intraday and long-term. High probability trading patterns for intraday trading the stock indexes and stock futures will greatly reduce risk, and give you confidence to pull the trigger on the mechanical trading signals.

You will learn --

  • How to combine ProfitTrader timing and technical analysis with powerful money flow fundamental analysis to trade with the trend and anticipate trend reversals.
  • Intraday time periods and cycle lengths for both intraday trading and to establish longer-term positions with much, much lower $$ risk than trading a daily chart.
Weekly, daily, and intraday cycle lengths will be given for US stocks with Single Stock Futures… Plus examples of powerful money flow fundamental analysis for select stocks. How it worked in the past, and what it shows for the future.
THE COMBINATION OF PROFITTRADER CYCLE AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS with high level MONEY FLOW FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS will give you a new understanding of the markets and trading confidence you never thought possible… Guaranteed, or your money will be refunded.
The cost of the seminar is $1799. It is being held at the EOInn, a small, very nice boutique/spa hotel... Treat your wife to a rejuvenating Spa weekend while you attend the workshop... Seating is limited. A $1000 deposit will hold your seat with the balance due on February 1st. We offer a 10% Early Registration Discount for registrations received on or before 2/1/02.
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Published 1/7/2002... by Walter Bressert

Did the 4-Year Cycle make a contracted bottom in September,
or is it still moving down, with a bottom due this year?
The guidelines in this Stock Market Report Update will let the market answer this question for us, probably within the next month or two.
Click here to view Stock Market Report Update.
NEW in ProfitTrader 7.0™ Release
  • Shows historical cycle tops and bottoms on price and oscillators so you can verify accuracy of oscillator trading signals.
  • Shows multiple Trading Signals to identify the most significant cycle bottoms and tops.
  • Trading Signals that trade only in direction of trend to keep you from trading against the trend.
  • Gap information helps you determine high probability trades after the opening gap.
  • Double tops & bottoms show on chart as they occur and generates high probability price objectives to lock in a profit.
  • …and much more.
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