ProfitTrader 7.0™ for TradeStation 8.xx Users
The program is self-installing. Download the program to a directory on your hard drive, or copy it to a CD so you will be able to access it again in the future.

Installing the ProfitTrader indicators is a 2-step process.

Step 1) After downloading the Profit Trader 7.0 installation program to your desktop, follow the prompts to install the necessary files onto your computer.

Step 2) Verifying All in TradeStation

  • If you are not familiar with the Verify All function in TradeStation, click here.
  • To view an Installation Slide Show, click here. A new window will open. Close it to return to this page. Run it or save it to your hard drive.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that ALL programs are closed or not running before installing ProfitTrader. This includes your anti-virus program and TradeStation. To insure that no programs are running, reboot your computer. Once rebooted, close your anti-virus program and any other program that loads on startup.

ProfitTrader 5.0 and 6.0 Users:
ProfitTrader 7.0 will install a complete set of new indicators that will not overwrite your existing PT 6 or PT 5 indicators.

ProfitTrader 7.0 Manual
As you work with each new indicator and learn how to apply them, it is highly suggested that you go thru the PT 7.0 website presentation with the audio files, and if you have questions, please email [email protected]. The ProfitTrader Manual is included with the installer.

If you have trouble downloading the program, or have technical questions regarding the operation of ProfitTrader, email support. With your purchase you receive free technical support for 30 days from your date of purchase. After the 30-day free support period, technical support is billed @ $35 per incident

The manual is a PDF file that requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the document. If you do not already have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click on the Adobe Reader icon to download the free Acrobat Reader.


ProfitTrader 7.0™ for TradeStation 8.xx Users


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: A 30-day money back guarantee applies to ProfitTrader first-time orders. If at the end of 30 days you decide ProfitTrader cannot help you make money, and you wish to cancel, your purchase price will be refunded minus a 10% refund fee to cover the merchant account discount rate.


To do a "verify all" in Trade Station 8.0 requires a few convoluted steps.
Download in pdf printer friendly format.

  1. In order to do a Verify All in Trade Station 8.0, requires that an EasyLanguage Document (indicator program) is open in a Power Editor window. You cannot open a protected file (which all Profit Trader indicators are).

  2. With Trade Station open, click on the File drop down menu and click on "Open EasyLanguage Document". Pressing CTRL and E will also work.

  3. Open EasyLanguage Document window will appear. Remember that a locked file can not be opened. Scroll down to the first file that is not locked, or try opening a ZigZag indicator at the end of the list.

  4. This opens the Power Editor window and loads an indicator.

  5. Click on the View drop down menu, and select the last or bottom entry titled "EasyLanguage Power Editor Preferences" .

  6. Another window will appear titled EasyLanguage Preferences. Select the General tab at the top of the window.

  7. In the middle of the window notice Advanced section and “Verify all the analysis techniques”  in the work area, with a Verify All button. Click on the Verify All button.

  8. Another window Verify All appears that states this will take a few minutes, do you wish to continue? Click on the OK button.

  9. A Verifying window appears until all files are verified.

  10. Click OK to close the Preferences window.

  11. Click File and select Close Window. A note will appear that you will be deleting this window and its contents. This will not delete the file, just the window that was needed to do the verify all. Click OK.

  12. Profit Trader will now be completely verified and operational for use.

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