Cycle Review and Market Forecast - Title Page


Walter's "Cycle Review and Market Forecast" includes complete cycle phasing and market analysis using the ProfitTrader Indicators... plus time and price forecasts for future tops and bottoms in multiple time frames on the date of publication. Market analysis includes a chart for each time frame with recorded in-depth commentary. The analysis was done in July/Aug 2002. The concepts explained still apply to today's markets.

  • Cycle lengths are given for each time period. - monthly, weekly, daily, and intraday. You may not trade the market intraday, but you can use the intraday time frames to enter the markets with a much reduced $$ risk… The shorter the time frame the lower the dollar risk.

  • Most recent cycle tops and bottoms were identified on the date of analysis.

  • Specific Time Periods are forecast for upcoming tops and bottoms of current daily, weekly and intraday cycles on the date of analysis.

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