OnLine Cycle Analyst's Seminar - Trend and Price Swings- 4

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Chart 10
The monthly chart sets the trend for the weekly chart. These trends can often last for six months or a year, or even more. Knowledge of this trend can give you an edge. For example, how many times was a rise above a previous month's high followed by a swing low? Or even a lower month?

Chart 11
You are not going to trade a monthly chart, and with knowledge of the big picture, you want to anticipate the swing moves in the weekly chart. Use the oscillator to identify the cycle tops and bottoms of the weekly chart.

Chart 12
This daily chart shows a clear progression of higher cycle lows in the uptrend, and lower cycle tops in the downtrend.

Remember, every trading cycle bottom is a swing bottom, but every swing bottom is not a trading cycle bottom. Every trading cycle top is a swing top, but every swing top is not a trading cycle top.

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