PROFITTRADER™ for METASTOCK™ is a powerful group of trading and analysis indicators based upon the market-proven concept of "trade with the trend". If the trend is up, buy the dips; if the trend is down, sell the rallies. What the trend was is relatively easy to see on the chart; what the trend will be is often anther question. The ProfitTrader Indicators show the direction of the trading trend and anticipate trend reversals.

The use of cycles is one of the most powerful analytical tools for identifying trends and trend reversals. Once a cycle has bottomed, the trend will be up until the cycle has topped; once a cycle has topped, the trend will be down until the cycle bottoms. How long the trend will be up or down depends upon the length of the cycle.

All markets - stocks, futures, and currencies - move in time cycles. Each market has an individual cycle profile, which consists of dominant cycles in multiple time frames - monthly, weekly, daily, and intraday -- that visibly and consistently affect prices. Awareness of the longer-term cycles helps anticipate trends and trend reversals. Knowledge of the shorter-term cycles will help you buy bottoms and sell tops in the direction of trend and at trend reversals.

  • Longer-term cycles determine trend for shorter-term cycles.
  • Longer-term cycle highs/lows are trend reversals.
  • Shorter-term cycles are used for timing market entry and exit.

The ProfitTrader Indicators are a unique group of oscillators and technical analysis tools that ---

  • Show trend direction
  • Identify cycle tops and bottoms.
  • Generate Mechanical Buy/Sell trading signals at cycle tops and bottoms.
  • Forecast high-probability time periods for future tops and bottoms.


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There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

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