Walter Bressert's Dynamic Trailing Stops™ lock in profits, keep you in the markets for the BIG moves!
... and can greatly improve your profitability.

Once you have determined trend, entered a market and placed an initial protective stop, you must decide when and where to take a profit. Reliable trailing stops can make the difference between big profits and small profits.

All too often, we nervously grab a small profit on the first reaction only to see a market take off once we are stopped out. Walter Bressert's Dynamic Trailing Stops™ are designed to follow prices as widely or tightly as your trading temperament dictates. They provide the flexibility to follow prices into a short-term trading cycle reversal with a tight stop to minimize profit give back, or to give a market room to let profits run in the really big moves.

Initially designed for Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader™ the WB Short-term Trailing Stop™ is a fast moving mathematical stop to lock in a quick profit, often as a trading cycle reverses direction. The WB Long-term Trailing stop™ gives a market more room for wider price fluctuations to stay in for the bigger moves. Using these stops eliminates the need to wait for a trading signal in the opposite direction, or the constant re-evaluation of mental Trailing Stops. The WB Dynamic Trailing Stops™ can lock in profits at tops and bottoms in all time frames, in all markets, and will often keep you in the longer trending moves.

Once you have used these trailing stops and see how they improve your profitability, you can enter a market, place initial protective stops, then sit back and leave profit taking to the emotionless WB Dynamic Trailing Stops™.

NOTE: The WB Dynamic Trailing Stops(EOD)are for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly charts only. They will not plot on IntraDay charts.

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There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

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