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The BLine is another powerful indicator for identifying and trading cycle tops and bottoms. It is a little slower in turning than the Bressert Double Stochastic, but the entry signals are, on average, 10% more accurate in identifying cycle tops and bottoms.

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Chart 9 - Bline - The Bline oscillator generates high probability buy and sell signals. A little slower than the Double Stochastic, it is more accurate and can be used as a confirmation of a Double Stochastic Buy/Sell.

Chart 9 - You can see how this oscillator also tops and bottoms within the green top Timing Bands and the red bottom Timing Bands. Notice that the Buy/Sell signals are generally a bar or so later than the signal of the Bressert Double Stochastic, although they can occur earlier. The price for greater accuracy of cycle identification is entering the market a bar or two later with increased dollar risk. These signals combine well to confirm the Bressert Double Stochastic signals, or increase the probability of accurate cycle identification if the BLine signals occur at the same time as the Bressert Double Stochastic signals.

Because of its accuracy, this oscillator is a favorite of stock traders.


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