Walter's 4-Step Trading Mastery Program
This self-paced, graduated 4-StepTrading Mastery Program will definitely shorten your learning curve as you learn to apply Walter's timing methodology and trading software to improve your profits and lower your risk.
Step 1 - Tools for the Trade

Walter Bressert's software takes the hard work out of cycle-based trading allowing the novice and professional alike to buy bottoms & sell tops with low-dollar risk Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals. ($1148 regular price)

  • Buy bottoms and sell tops with low dollar risk
  • High Probability Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals
  • Trade with the trend
  • Forecast future tops and bottoms
  • Anticipate trend reversals
  • Identifies the “pulse” of the market – swing highs and lows – as they occur.
Step 2 - WB Software Tutorial

MARKET WATCH REVIEW & FORECASTER, with charts and instructional audio commentary on HOW TO TRADE CYCLE TOPS & BOTTOMS, PLUS TIME AND PRICE FORECASTING, allows you to compare your analysis with Walter's. Before every trading session Walter reviews the previous day's activity and makes time and price projections based on his multiple time-frame trading approach. In depth market commentary is delivered on audio files, with a brief written summary. You will learn how to apply Cycles, Swings and high probability Trading Techniques in a time-tested methodology for trading intraday cycles with high probability buy/sell patterns that are up to 90% accurate. Designed as a tutorial for Walter's software, a 2-Month subscription is included with the Seminar Video Trading Package. ($200 regular price)


Step 3 - Advanced Trading Techniques

Professionally taped Seminar Video of Walter's $3599 workshop with 15+ hours of instruction and 180-page seminar workbook. ($2099 regular price)

Applying the trading techniques and software iday allows you to experience the accuracy of cycle forecasting and identificaiton of cycle tops & bottoms, trend identification, and trend reversal patterns many times during the trading day. Whether trading iday or longer-term, the application is the same.

Identify trend... and if the trend is up, buy the bottoms; if the trend is down, trade
the tops. Use cycles to trade future tops & bottoms and trade accordingly.

YOU WILL LEARN specific trading techniques to trade Walter Bressert's intraday Profit Trader methodology that are based upon --

  • Intra-day cycle timing and trend analysis.
  • Forecasting of time and price levels for cycle tops & bottoms that give you the confidence to buy on weakness and sell on strength.
  • Intra-day time fractals to forecast time periods for future tops & bottoms.
  • Mechanical buy and sell signals -- How to get in; how to get out; market-proven trailing stops.
  • Combining oscillators and cycle analysis for high probability, low-risk trades.
  • Combine cycle timing with Fibonacci price levels.
  • $$$ Management Strategies to benefit from short and long-term moves.

This powerful video will teach you the trading techniques and forecasting tools to trade the S&P500, NASDAQ100, DJIA, T-Bonds, or any actively traded futures or stock with good volume and open interest... any market, any time frame.

Step 4 - From Theory to Application... Action!

WB TRADES ONLINE... is the "final" step in Walter's 4-Step Trading Mastery Program. This is real-time application of the trading tools and techniques in iday trading to the NAS100/SP Index. As Walter trades during the day, his market commentary guides you thruout the trading session as he explains what he is doing and why. This is where what have learned is applied in real-time trading... It dovetails with the MarketWatch Review & Forecaster, and takes you from theory to application, which is trading... ACTION! An interactive event, Walter is available to answer your questions and comment on your market analysis and observations. 5 Sessions included. ($750 regular price)

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