4-Step Trading Mastery Special Offer... Valid Thru 8/22/01

If you purchased these items separately, this is what you would pay:

WB Software
2 Month MarketWatch Subscription
$ 200
5 Session Subscription to WB Trades OnLine
$ 750
WB Seminar Video Tapes
You can have it all! for only $2099, the basic WB Seminar Video Tape price, .... and if you have attended a previous workshop, purchased previous seminar tapes, are a ProfitTrader 5.0 or ProfitTrader 6.0 user, or have purchased the WB Swing Trades Program, additional discounts apply.
To place your order online, use the Seminar Video Order Form. Be sure to enter this KeyCode: 1234 in the space provided in the OnLine Order Form to receive the WB Trades OnLine 5-session subscription with your order. This form can also be accessed by clicking on the Seminar Video link that appears at the top of this page. (Recommended if you have not yet reviewed the online Seminar Brochure.)
If you qualify for additional discounts, the order form has spaces provided for you to select the appropriate discount.
If you have questions, please feel free to email or call Walter directly at 312.893.0801. If he is not available, leave your phone number and he will return your call.