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Profitable trading, whether intraday, swing, or position trading requires knowing the direction of the trading trend and early identification of trend reversals. Intraday cycles and technical analysis combine to generate high probability, low dollar risk mechanical entry signals and trading patterns that can be used for intraday trading and/or the establishment of daily swing positions with a fraction of the exposure inherent in trading daily charts.

With cycles you can identify the trend direction, plus forecast and confirm trend reversals. Whether you are trading weekly, daily or intra-day time frames, it is the cycle in the longer-term time frame that sets the trading trend for the shorter time frame. Knowing the direction of the longer cycle you will know the trend for trading the shorter cycles. Almost all trading approaches and systems can be improved with the cycle timing and trading tools that Walter Bressert has developed over his 30+ years as an analyst, trader and educator.

If you know the longer-term cycle, you know the trend;
if you know the smaller cycle you can trade the trend
with very low risk trades at cycle bottoms/tops.

The SCIENCE OF CHAOS shows the order in seemingly disorder.
In iday trading some cycles set trend, others are for trading trend and trend reversals. Smaller time frames have patterns that identify trend reversals and low risk trades. Knowing the BIG cycles that affect iday trend, you can pinpoint trend reversals and trending trades that occur with "cycles within cycles".

With the knowledge of how cycles interact and the power of ProfitTrader 6.0, you will be able to determine trend and trend reversals, plus forecast and trade cycle tops and bottoms in any market... any time frame. The emphasis of the program is on iday trading the stock indices. The same concepts and applications also apply to daily, weekly, and monthly trading.

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