ProfitTrader Add-on Software Discounts for ProfitTrader 7.0 Users.
We want YOU to trade with our software.... It doesn't get any better.
Please note that these special savings prices apply to new purchases only.
If you have previously purchased one or more of the add-ons, these discounted prices are not retroactive.
Choose from 4 Offers:

Offer 1) The WB Swing Trades Program™ combines with the ProfitTrader methodology to generate low risk, high probability trades at cycle bottoms & cycle tops, and will greatly improve your ability to recognize and trade cycle tops and bottoms. (Reg. price, $349; Savings Offer, only $139… Save $210).

Offer 2) The Double Top and Bottom Trading Strategy™ identifies double tops and double bottoms as they occur, generates trading signals with protective stops, and also generates frequently met price objectives. The entry signal is automatically followed with Trailing Stops. (Reg. price, $199; Savings Offer, only $79… Save $120).

Offer 3) The Gap Trade Indicator
Every day futures and stock markets open above or below the previous day's close to generate gaps. The Gap Indicator gives you specific information about opening gaps to help you make trading decisions on how to evaluate and trade the gap. This information is especially beneficial to intraday traders looking to determine when and if the gap will be filled early in the trading session. The Gap fill and timing information can also be helpful to longer-term traders using daily and weekly charts. (Reg. price, $199; Savings Offer, only $79… Save $120).

Offer 4) YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! Purchase the WB Swing Trader for $225 and receive BOTH the Double Top and Bottom Strategy, and The Gap Trade FREE. (Reg price, $747; Savings Offer, only $249.. Save $498).

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