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The Function Package for ProfitTrader 7.0 allows you to -
  • Build a system,
  • Optimize Buy/Sell Signals and combinations of functions.
  • Turn the indicators into Trading Strategies.
Functions included are -
  • BLine Func - Build Buy/Sell Signals. Use oscillator for Trend Direction combined with other Functions.
  • DoubleStoc Func - Build Buy/Sell Signals. Use oscillator for Trend Direction combined with other Functions.
  • EMA % - Trend direction and divergence.
  • EMA Trend - Trend direction, Support/Resistance
  • FuncSecurity - Ties the Functions to your PT 7.0 via CID Number.
  • MA % - %Diff for trend direction and divergence.
  • MBT_Func - Trailing Stop can also be used as Buy/Sell Entry Signals. Includes a smoothing function not included in the PT 7.0 indicator.
  • HAL Overbought/Oversold Indicator.
  • Overbought Sell Func (OB) - Sell Signal.
  • Oversold Buy Func (OS) -Buy Signal.
  • PB Func Down - Long-term and short-term Trailing Stop DOWN.
  • PD Func Up - Long-term and short-term Trailing Stop UP.
Technical programming capability on your part is assumed.
This is NOT for the average ProfitTrader user. It is for traders familiar with programming, or building systems in TradeStation. However, Walter's programmer is available for support and assistance at $100 per hour. Click here to view manual in PDF format to see if you have the expertise required, or if you would need assistance.
Free Technical Support is NOT included except in the case of malfunctioning functions or our programming errors (and there should not be any) nor is there a Money Back Guarantee as with the PT Indicators.
This offer is available only to private traders, and is not available to brokers or system developers who market systems. You will be required to sign a document that you are a private trader and that the system will be used for personal use only.
The cost of the PT 7.0 System Builder Functions is $1250. If you do not own ProfitTrader 7.0 for the TradeStation platform, add another $599. If you have PT 5.0 or 6.0, you must upgrade to PT 7.0 for $299.
For more information, click here to email Walter. Include your telephone number and best time of the day to call (after market hours), and he will call you.... or call Walter at 1.888.283.0058. This is a message phone. Leave your name and number and best time for Walter to call you.


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