Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader™ for MetaStock™ makes it easier than ever before to trade with the
trend and buy bottoms & sell tops! Buys bottoms and sell tops with low dollar risk.

      • Eight Mechanical Trading Signals that frequently occur at cycle tops and bottoms.
      • Oscillator Patterns that identify cycle/swing highs and lows.
      • Cycle and Swing Trading with the --
          • Double Buy/Sell Combo
          • 1-2 Buy/Sell Patterns
            • High 5 Sell Pattern
            • Low 5 Buy Pattern
      • Trend Indicators to keep you on the right side of the markets.

In-depth 30-page online presentation shows you how to use the ProfitTrader™ for MetaStock™ Indicators to identify cycle tops and bottoms as they occur and generates Mechanical Buy and Sell Trading Signals. Learn how ProfitTrader™ for MetaStock™ --

Buys bottoms and sell tops with low dollar risk.

Generates high probability Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals.

Identifies high probability cycle OB/OS time periods.

Forecasts future tops and bottoms with 70-90% Accuracy.

Plots Timing Bands to forecast the dates/times for the next cycle high, and the next cycle low.

Shows you the trading trend for any time frame.

Shows multiple Trading Signals to identify the most significant cycle bottoms and tops.


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