Please note that ProfitTrader™ has been programmed for MetaStock™ 7.21, or higher.

Two programs are available:
Includes comprehensive 80-page manual that not only explains how to use the individual indicates, but shows you how to use them in combinations of multiple Buy/Sell Signals and trading indicators.

  • ProfitTrader for MetaStock End-of-Day, $299
  • ProfitTrader for MetaStock Intraday (and EOD), $449
NEW ProfitTrader™ Standalone or Addon
Dynamic Trailing Stop to Keep You in the Markets for the BIG MOVES!
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"I use ProfitTrader for Metastock and find it to be by far the best of all of the Trading Systems offered by Metastock. I use it regularly and it has functioned flawlessly. Thank you for your work in putting it together. I'm sure you have benefited from it, but so have many of the rest of us who have purchased it from you."
M.K., Lafayette CA

"Walt's MetaStock add-on is the best one that I've seen for MetaStock, great job... much higher value and practical use that other MetaStock add ons that I've used (and I've used about 4 others, from "well know" authors)."
T.C.H., Birmingham, Michigan

"...highly recommend ProfitTrader in my opinion as one of the best Metastock Plug Ins." - L.G. Tamarac FL

"I am very much impressed with the software - congratulations on a well thought out program." --B.K.

"Having had profit trader for metastock for a week now I realise that it is indeed a very good program. Very very under rated. I had more expensive programs and they have not been as useful. My regards to Walter for his genius. I will recommend this to my trading friends."
D.C., Canberra, Australia

The following quote received 3 months after purchase (the test of time): "Using your program to search daily for stocks in the ASX (australian stock exchange) and its working really well indeed. Have been up 50% in the last two months, so you can say 'Walter Bressert's program has been the best kept secret in trading!!'
D.C., Canberra, Australia


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