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TB Forecaster - Weekly 1 Chart

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Weekly Chart 1 is a weekly chart of the cash S&P; Index from 1996 thru 2000. The S&P; has three longer-term, dominant cycles -- the 4-year cycle, 2-year cycle, and a seasonal cycle. The lows of these cycles are identified on the chart.
There is also a weekly cycle averaging 20 weeks as measured from bottom-to-bottom. This cycle is identified by the peaks and valleys of the blue line running through the weekly chart. The oscillator at the bottom of the chart is a Bressert Double Stochastic, which helps identify the tops and bottoms of the weekly cycle.
Prices are currently dropping into a 2-year and seasonal cycle bottom, which will also be a 20-week cycle bottom. The charts that follow show how the Timing Band Forecaster uses Timing Bands to forecast future tops and bottoms.