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ProfitTrader™ MECHANICAL BUY/SELL SIGNALS: Buy/Sell Signal Plots

Combine Trading Signals
Each of the buy/sell signals are calculated differently, so when a group of mechanical buy/sell signals occur together in what is called a cluster, the signals can be traded with more confidence than when a single buy or sell signal occurs.

The Buy/Sell Signal Plots show multiple Buy/Sell Setups on, or near, the same price bar to increase the odds of identifying cycle tops and bottoms as they occur. The X identifies the clusters.

The combination of Setup Bars/Dots shows you the clusters of B/S Signals that often occur at cycle tops and bottoms. They can make a BIG difference in your trading as the multiple trading signals often have a greater potential for more sizable moves.

A 10DBS Buy or Sell signal can always be taken by itself, as can a BLine Buy or Sell signal. A combination of a 10DBS and BLine Buy or Sell signal occurring on the same price bar or next to the same price bar is a more significant signal than a single buy/sell signal.

Generally, the weaker signals -- the 5DBS and OB/OS -- will add confidence to a trade, but should not normally be used to enter a market without a 10DBS or BLine signal, or in a cluster.

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