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ProfitTrader™ OSCILLATORS: The Bressert BLine

The Bressert BLine is an RSI based indicator designed to top and bottom at cycle highs and lows. It generates mechanical buy/sell signals that are approximately 80% accurate in identifying cycle tops and bottoms in all times frames. It turns somewhat slower than the Bressert Double Stochastic, but has a higher accuracy in identifying trading cycle tops and bottoms. The Double Stoc Buy/Sell signal averages about 70% across all times frames; the BLine averages about 80% across all time frames.

At times the Bressert BLine will generate a Setup Bar/Entry signal at the same time as the Double Stoc, which makes the trade signal even more reliable. At other times, it will generate a Setup Entry signal one price bar after the DoubleStoc signal to confirm the Double Stoc signal. Confirmation of a cycle bottom is most often followed by a move to a cycle top; and confirmation of a cycle top is followed by a move to a cycle bottom. The BLine is a favorite of stock traders.

The BLine plots in the oscillator sub-graph of the chart.
The vertical blue line has been drawn on the chart to show
how the BLine oscillator lows tend to coincide with the cycle lows.

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