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Based on Oscillator and Price patterns, the ProfitTrader™ Mechanical Buy and Sell Signals are generally 70% to 90% accurate in identifying cycle bottoms and tops.

The 10 DoubleStoc (DBS), and BLine Buy/Sell signals are the most reliable, and through all markets and time frames, these two buy and sell signals are approximately 70% - 80% accurate in identifying a cycle top or bottom when an entry signal is generated.

The 5DBS Buy/Sell signal and the Overbought/Oversold (OB/OS) Buy/Sell signals are somewhat less accurate, but add confidence to a trade when they occur in clusters with the 10DBS and BLine signals.

Double Stochastic Buy/Sell Signals

The Double Stochastic Buy/Sell Signals are generated in two steps -

1) When the oscillator turns above or below the oscillator Buy/Sell lines, a potential change in market momentum is indicated by a colored dot.

2) When prices exceed the high of the Setup bar, a Buy "Trigger Entry" occurs (blue dots). When prices drop below the low of the Setup bar, a Sell "Trigger Entry" occurs (magenta dots).

Because the signals are oscillator generated, Buy Signals can be generated in a downtrending market; sell signals in an uptrending market. These signals should be ignored when against the trading trend. You can simply turn the sell signals off in an uptrend; and turn the buy signals off in a downtrend. However, a signal against the trend can be used to take a profit.

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