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Chart 2 - Template 2 - DBS5 Oscillator With Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals
The Bressert DoubleStoc5 tends to show the smaller cycles and generates Buy and Sell Signals that are up to 90% accurate for the shorter-term cycles. It also interacts with the DoubleStoc10 to form Buy and Sell Patterns

Buy and Sell Patterns

The DBS5 also generates a Mechanical Buy Signal.

The Buy Signal is --

  1. A drop below 10
  2. …followed by an upturn to generate a Buy Setup (shown by the dashed green up-spikes).
  3. Place a Buy Stop to go long above the high of the Buy Setup Bar (above the vertical green line).

The Sell Signal is --

  1. A rise above 90
  2. … followed by a downturn to generate a Sell Setup (shown by the dashed red down- spikes).
  3. Place a Sell Stop to go short below the Sell Setup Bar (above the vertical red line).


Next: BLine Oscillator and Buy/Sell Signals
The Bressert BLine oscillator generates Buy/Sell Signals that are even more accurate than the Bressert DoubleStoc in identifying cycle tops and bottoms, 80% and higher depending upon the market and time frame. The BLine Buy/Sell Signals combine well with the DBS10 Buy/Sell Signals, often confirming a Double Stoc Signal with a BLine Signal, the following bar. A combined BLine/DBS10 Signal often occurs at significant tops and bottoms.