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Trough-to-Trough Timing Band
At the time the Trough-to-Crest forecast is made from the cycle low, a Trough-to-Trough forecast can also be made from the same cycle low, allowing you to set an expectation for the approximate time period for the cycle to bottom.


The Trough-to-Trough Timing Band shows this time period by the protrusion of the red Band into the Window. The red up-spike identifies the cycle low from which the Timing Band is plotted.

Once the cycle low is confirmed, the days of the week, and dates for the beginning and end of the Trough-to-Trough Timing Band can be seen using the Expert Advisor. Therefore, from a cycle bottom, the approximate time periods for the cycle to top, and bottom can be anticipated.

As time progresses, the market will top and a third Timing Band can be plotted, called the Crest-to-Trough Band, which helps fine-tune the identification of the time period for the cycle low.

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