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Timing Band Template 9 Combo

Each Timing Band has a Template, allowing the individual Timing Bands to be plotted on any chart. But, Template #9 plots all three Time Bands on the same chart.

In this chart, the Trough-to-Crest Band and Trough-to-Trough Band would be plotted at the same time, as the cycle low is identified by the red up-spikes in the top window for the Trough-to-Crest Band, and in the Window below it for the Trough-to-Trough Band.

In the top Window, the time period for the cycle crest shows by the protrusion of the green line into the Window. Expert Advisor can also be used to get the exact dates and days of the week.

In the second Window, the Trough-to-Trough Band would have been plotted when the cycle low was identified, providing an element of time for the next cycle bottom that can greatly enhance your timing and trading perspective.

Once the cycle top is identified by an oscillator, or Mechanical Signal, the Crest-to-Trough Band is plotted in the second Window as a green line, allowing you to see the overlap area of the two Time Bands. Ideally, a cycle bottom will occur in the overlap area, but this does not always occur. The key is to watch for a Mechanical Buy Signal, or oscillator pattern to confirm the cycle low while prices are in, or following the Timing Bands.

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The Timing Bands are 40% Timing Bands, and 70% of the Bands occur in, or following the Timing Band as explained earlier.

A review of the Mechanical Buy/Sell Signals and trading patterns will show the cycle bottoms and tops in this example were identified by, and could have been traded by the ProfitTrader Mechanical Trading Signals.

The Timing Bands are not perfect, and cycle tops and bottoms do occur before and after the Bands; however, the Bands do give you an element of time not available through any other approach, and Mechanical Trading Signals that occur within the Timing Bands do generate high probability Buy/Sell Signals… But, as always, trade in the direction of trend, or at anticipated Trend Reversals.

    In Summation
    TRADE WITH THE TREND -- When the trend is UP, buy cycle and/or swing bottoms; when the trend is DOWN, sell cycle and/or swing tops.

    The ProfitTrader EMA Trend Indicator lines and %Diffs, combined with the direction indicated by the longer-term oscillators will provide a confidence level for trend direction that is unique to cycle trading and ProfitTrader.

    Developing this "confidence level" may take some study and experimentation to learn how to combine the ProfitTrader Trend Indicators with swings and the Mechanical Trading Signals that identify cycle tops and bottoms.

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