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Crest-to-Trough Timing Band

The Crest-to-Trough Timing Band identifies the cycle high (crest) with a green down-spike. It is the same high as the green diamond shown on the price chart.

The upside protrusion of the red line shows the Crest-to-Trough Timing Band, and ideally a cycle will bottom in the overlap of the Crest-to-Trough, and Trough-to-Trough Timing Bands.

Using the Expert Advisor, the actual dates of the days and days of the week are shown at the bottom of the chart.

The Timing Bands can be plotted individually on separate charts as we have done here, but the most comprehensive comprehensive picture can be seen with all three Timing Bands plotted on the same chart.

PT Users: Click here to view Inputs for this Timing Band Template.


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