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Trough-to-Crest Timing Band
This chart shows the Trough-to-Crest Timing Band in an IBM chart with the DBS 5 and DBS10 oscillators plotted below prices.


The first trading cycle bottom is indicated by the red diamond; the trading cycle top by the green diamond; and the next trading cycle bottom by the red diamond.

In the Trough to Crest Time Band in the top Window, the red up-spike identifies the cycle bottom. The cycle bottom that starts the Trough-to-Crest count is identified in the price chart, either by visual inspection based on the oscillators, or a Mechanical Buy Signal.

From that low, the most probable time for the cycle to top is forecasted, and shows in the chart by the protrusion of the green line into the window, allowing you to watch on your chart as prices enter into the Timing Band.

Using the Expert Advisor, the dates and days of the week that begin and end the Timing Band are forecasted, and shown at the bottom of the chart.

From the cycle low, identified by the first red diamond, the most probable time for the cycle to top is Tuesday, 11/13/01, thru Thursday, 11/22/02. This is the same time period shown by the green protrusion into the Window, but in real-time, you would not see the entire Band until it ends.

PT Users: Click here to view inputs for this Timing Band Template.


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